Parking Guidance System


PROYTEC SRL has come up with the current technical solution for the installation and the start-up  of a Guided Parking System based on empty slots spotting.
The following proposal has been prepared based on the enhancement of equipment and means, trying to meet customer's expectations for the implementation of the system.
The suggested elements come from our experience in the Control System installation. They can be modified and/or adapted according to user preferences/needs.

The different circuits of equipment distributed along the car park have been designed, together with communication and independent supply circuits unified by means of Ethernet communication. All the elements are found in the attached graphic documents and are studied to achieve the optimal operation of the guidance system.

The Guided Parking System aims at controlling slot availability in a car park.
It uses a vehicle detection method with ultrasonic sensors and infrared light crossing detectors.

Occupancy detectors will inform the indicator in each bay about the slot occupancy status so that the sign changes from green/blue (empty) to red (busy).

At the same time, this information is sent to the control centre and is duly processed by the powerful PGS Park Software, keeping the displayed information about slot availabilitty up to date.

The Guided Parking System provides the parking user with updated information in order to quickly find an empty bay, and it provides the parking manager with all the data needed to simplify and enhance management. It also provides statistics, giving the customer an extra service, placing it among the highest service quality standards in parking management.

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